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Caffè Toscani® Italian Espresso

Caffè Toscani® Italian Espresso


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Alexander Toscani has been a well known specialist in the field of quality Italian roasted whole beans coffee for decades. Since the early 1970’s, coffee bean distribution in northern Italy, and his high quality produts have been distributed throughout the area to numerous coffee stores.

The demand for his coffee beans grew to the point that Mr. Toscani decided to expand his logistic capacity also outside suburban Milan, acquiring a multitude of new customers and introducing multiple coffee specialities.

The prospects of this new demanding coffee generation have allowed this small, family owned enterprise to become a fully managed and operated corporation today. Now with international brand franchising and distribution powers.

The Italian Coffee Company ®Caffè Toscani is now open to new partnership and is continuously investing in product research and development, ensuring the high quality and goodness of any family products with eye catching packaging, supreme quality and great taste.

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